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Balvanyos Resort

Balvanyos Resort is an oasis of tranquility with clear air, surrounded by the mountains and forests of Lake Saint Ana. The lake is located on DN 11C between the Tusnad Baths and Targu Secuiesc. The Resort offers the ideal conditions for an unforgettable vacation. The refined decour, the quality of its facilities and the hospitality of its personnel will make sure you enjoy every moment of your time here.

Grand Hotel Balvanyos

Grand Hotel Balvanyos is located within a privilledged natural area, offering a unique view of the surrounding Badoc mountains . The hotel may host you at any time of the year. During springtime, you can express your joy under the glowing sun and blossoming trees. In the summer, you may spend your holliday with your familly, taking trips to Lake Saint Ana and its surroundings areas, while autumn will offer you the coppery display of the forest’s thicket under the rays of a gentle sun. In the last season, you may enjoy the spirit of the winter hollidays accompanied by the aroma of mulled wine, the pleasant sound of the burning hearth, and the remarkable fairytale landscape.
Situated in the heart of the forest surround Lake Saint Ana, Grand Hotel Balvanyos is the perfect location to unwind, but also greatly suitted to host events and conferences.

Grand Santerra Spa

IN TRANSYLVANIA, IN THE HEART OF A NATURAL RESERVE among healing springs and secular trees, GRAND SANTERRA SPA is an oasis of tranquility and recreation that enhances the beauty of this rewarded land, offering seamlessly intertwined indoor and outdoor spaces. Heated bath tubs hidden among conifers, water pools and rooms for individual spa experiences, saunas and many relaxation areas, a combination of wood and stone, plants, water and fire, all together are creating an environment of serenity and harmony.

Our vision: health needs a new approach, and prevention is the medicine of the future. The spa is representing a concern for better health for centuries, and we believe that Nature give us all the necessary tools for a healthy living and even for healing.

Balvanyos Adventure Park

The Adventure Park is here for you to test your limits under the careful guidance of our instructors, the mountain climbers. The tracks offer a wide range of difficulty settings that make the park accessible for children and adults alike. You can enjoy the different obstacle courses and Tyroleans in complete safety.
There is also a more special teambuilding track, suitted for groups. This track encourages the formation and development of team-spirit , the team members required to help each other in order to surpass the obstacles.
Tracks: beginner children (yellow), children (orange), beginner adults (green), advanced (blue), pros (red), teambuilding track, Tyrolean track.