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Relax your body and mind

Our spa treatments are designed to detoxify, remineralize, oxygenate and revive the entire body, relieving from stress. Whether you opt for the thermal circuit or other spa treatments, you will have unique experiences. Treatments and activities that we offer are suited to all those who are looking to improve their lifestyle and to those who take the time to recharge their batteries or care for health.

Pure Altitude

In harmony with the natural richness of this place, we selected a spa brand from the french alps, « pure altitude », which is based on mountain plants and natural mineral ingredients. In addition to tried-and-true effectiveness, the line stand-out by soothing, smooth textures.

“Pure altitude” rituals, in total synergy with the dermato- cosmetic line, will bring you serenity and balance.


Signature treatments

RASUL IN TRANSYLVANIA- 45 minEUR 54/4 pers., Eur 46/3 pers., Eur 40/2 pers., EUR 32/1 pers

We bring together ancient Arab traditions of body cleansing, through the famous “Rasul” or “Serail Mud Chamber”, and the recognized local natural healing resources for centuries, in a current version of a spa facility, to offer an unrivaled experience.

We mix together Blue Clay from Transylvania with fresh mineral water from Balvanyos to further increase the clay’s extraordinary mineralization properties. Clays were always synonymous of effective cleansing and skin exfoliating. A few drops of Pine essential oil is an excellent remedy for physical and nervous exhaustion and you will take with you the wonderful forest aroma for very long.

Terra Magica is an exceptional treatment to do it with your partner, or with friends, up to four. It’s unlike anything you’re likely to have done together before. Coat your body in ready-clay paste, and then sit together in a twinkling-tiled steam room. An intense sensory feeling! And afterwards, the falling rain from the ceiling will wash away not only the mud, but all your worries. At the end you will feel infinitely calm, with all the muscles relaxed and velvet skin. You can follow it up with a long massage, it is the best choice!

TERRA VULCANICA - 50/80 MINEUR 60/ 86/ pers

Hot Stone Massage
Harmonizer/Muscle soother/Circulation and Metabolism booster

Well polished volcanic stones are heated in water for a gentle but deeply full body and face massage. The stones’ heat that accompanies the massage is allowing the penetration into the deepest layers of muscles. The treatment strongly reduces muscle pain and increases flexibility in joints. A few drops of refreshing Pine essential oil will take your mind in a wonderful journey of comfort. It is perhaps the most effective spa treatment for stress reducing.


All our facial treatments are signed ``Pure Altitude``, original and very effective. They are personalized, answering every skin needs and offering solutions against accumulated stress, pollution and fatigue on the skin.

BOL D’OXYGENE - 50 minEUR 68/ pers

Pure skin / Intense Hydration

A traditional facial where the skin is thoroughly cleansed and highly hydrated with a cream S.O.S. mask that contains: extract of Edelweiss, Mallow and Blueberry leaves. The very relaxing pressure points massage and the application of cooling Jade rollers leave the skin with a fresh feeling and oxygenated.

PURETE AU MASCULIN - 50 minEUR 68/ pers

Toning and Purifying/ Soothing

Very suitable for men’s skin, this facial provides intense hydration and purification. Mountain plant extracts, delicately care of sensitized skin due to shaving. At the end, a very soothing massage adds to the spa experience.

SEVE DE VIE - 80 minEUR 92/ pers.

Anti- ageing ritual/ Glowing skin

Sublime beauty ritual! It starts with a back massage and after a gentle cleansing of the skin, the massage continues on the face, neck and scalp for a total relaxation into splash- mountain aromas. The peel-off mask with Brown Algae extract, Blueberry and added Vitamin C strongly activates skin regeneration and leaves the complexion smooth, lifted and bright.

RITUAL LIFT Alpes - 80 minEUR 92/ pers.

Vitality at high altitude / Anti-ageing / Lifting

The treatment is especially dedicated for mature skin, with deep lines, lack of elasticity and tonus. A very stimulating massage completed with Jade rollers application and the powerful actives in the peel-off mask from: Brown Algae, Wild Pansy and Honey, redefine the facial oval and the skin is visibly lifted and plumped up.


Detoxification, chronic pain, stress, dehydrated skin, physical or mental fatigue – they all find solutions in our body treatment, where we use natural products of the highest quality.

BLANC COMME NEIGE - 50 minEUR 70/ pers.

Nourishing/ Intense hydrating

Exfoliation with «Cristaux de Neige» and wrap with “Creme Comme la Neige”, with a «Pure Altitude» unriveled perfume.

BLU “R”- 50 MINEUR 64/ pers.

Remedy for rheumatism/ arthritis/ osteoporosis/ cramps and muscle pain

The salt body exfoliation is followed by a warm wrapping in Blue Clay with added essential oils of Juniper, Thyme and Lavender. It’s a mixture that acts effectively on pain, soothes muscles, but also your mind.

BLU “CEL””- 50 MINEUR 64/ pers.

Detox/ Re-mineralization
Remedy for poor circulation/ water retention/ cellulite

Salt body exfoliation and wrap in Blue Clay, Ivy extract and essential oils of Sage and Juniper. The formula is strongly draining and the skin remains visibly smoother and softer.

ETERNAL YOUTH - 50 minEUR 70/ pers.

Powerful antioxidant, Firming and hydrating

An exceptional treatment; after a salt and honey purification, the body is wrapped in a mixture of mountain berries. The skin has never been pampered like that!

PURE & FRESH - 25 minEUR 30/ pers.

Body scrub/Pure, re-mineralized and breathing skin

You can opt for a deep salt cleansing of your body skin as an individual treatment. This experience may ideally complete the Thermal Circuit, before or after.


Choose from our collection of holistic massages! In-depth analysis by our therapists will ensure that treatments are always specific and target the areas of concern.

MOUNTAIN KING - 80 minEUR 90/ pers.

Energy supplement and balance

All in one, multiple massage techniques from East and West: Thai, Deep tissue, Lomi Lomi, Swedish, Indian massage, are combined with the use of bags filled with salt, hay flowers and enriched with various mountain plants or essential oils, for a complete, powerfully energizing spa treatment.

Option 1: Mint, Lemon balm and Sage. The blend stimulates the metabolism and supports intense intellectual activity and memory.

Option 2: Hawthorn, Lemon balm and Motherwort. It is a mixture for heart, vasodilator, tonic cardiac, excellently combats palpitations, brings peace and balance.

RITUEL A LA BOUGIE- 50 minEUR 66/ pers.

Aromatic candle massage/ Ultra-repairing and nourishing

Innovative treatment from “Pure Altitude”, that will dress the whole body in a comfortable melted warm candle balm and deeply relaxing it. The skin is left with an irresistible mountain fragrance.


Relaxation and balance, for couples

Take your partner in a voyage of harmony! An aromatic full body massage will be performed in our special designed couple room by two therapists. Our formula: Lavender, Juniper and Jasmine essential oils.

TOP HEAVEN - 30 minEUR 32/ pers.

Back, neck and shoulders massage

To relax the most common areas of tension! The treatment ends with pressure points on scalp, extremely soothing.

WELLBEING MASSAGE - 30 minEUR 32/ pers.

More than simple feet massage!

Pressure to certain points on feet encourages the body to restore its own healthy balance. Very relaxing massage, especially for people who stand long.

Yumeiho - 80 minEUR 92/ pers.

The perfect recovery for your body.

A medium to strong massage adopted from traditional Japanese techniques which improves overall flexibility from top to toe. It uses pressure points, stretching and joint manipulation to help posture recovery and improvement of general health conditions.

Deep Tissue - 50/80 minEUR 70/92/ pers.

Feel your body again!

A type of massage therapy that is applied to the deeper layers of the muscles by applying firm pressure to reach deeper layers of the muscles, tendons and fascia.

This massage therapy focuses on relaxing (de-tensioning) the muscles and the conjunctive tissues. It is especially recommended for pain and chronic muscle contraction relief.

FOREST SCALP MASSAGE - 30 minEUR 36/ pers.

Remedy for stress and headaches

This is an extremely relaxing massage that combines worldwide techniques, working on your shoulders, neck, face and scalp to eliminate tension, headaches and accumulated stress.

NOTE: For other massage types: Fitness, Thai,  Ayurvedic et al, please, check the availability of our therapists who specialize in such treatments.


If you grant yourself a longer break to spend quality time in our spa, we offer combinations of treatments in rituals for a total renewal. All inspired by «King Mountain»!

GRAND SANTERRA - 105 minEUR 104/ pers.

Full body exfoliation with Blue Clay paste – 25 min
Mountain King, body massage with salt and mountain plant bags – 80 min

RITUEL PURE ALTITUDE - 100 minEUR 112/ pers.

Choose one of the Pure Altitude facials – 50 min
Pure Altitude aromatic massage – 50 min

QUIET ALTITUDE - 120 minEUR 115/ pers.

Terra Magica, cleansing ritual with Blue Clay in designated steam room- 45 min
Full body aromatic massage – 50 min
Minifacial- 25 min

MONTAGNE - 125 minEUR 140/ pers.

Terra Magica Code “R” or Terra Magica Code «Cel», body scrub and wrap – 50 min
Full body aromatic massage – 50 min
Minifacial – 25 min

All prices are quoted in EUR, and applied in RON, at the NBR exchange rate of the day when the services were performed, can be changed without prior notice, and are including VAT.

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