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Lake Saint Ana is located at the border of the Covasna and Harghita counties, on Ciomad mountain (950 m altitude). You can get to the lake by following a splendid serpentine road which allows you to admire some truly fascinating landscapes.
It is the only volcanic lake in Europe, having a fully completed crater and surrounded by secular forests. The perimeter of the lake is 3 km, and its depth is 8 m.
The lake’s water is of a deep green, reflecting the color of the surrounding forests, and the solemn tranquility you experience while taking a stroll around the lake is simply perfect. The mystery of the lake’s legend may be debated under the radiating warmth of Balvanyos Resort’s fireplace.


Mohos Peat Bog is actually the twin of the Saint Ana crater, and this one is also filled with water. Tens of thousands of years ago, the two volcanoes used to erupt simultaneously. During the last eruption of Saint Ana’s volcano, the released ash settled on the lake formed at Mohos. Part of the ash sunk in the lake, and another part settled on its surface, leading to the formation of a special type of moss. The ultimate result was the formation of a unique moor, with a vegetation similar to that of the Syberian tundra. You’ll be enchanted if you choose to explore the unique and fantastic world of the Mohos Peat Bog, where you’ll be able to see plants that are considered rarities of vegetation.


It is the largest natural mofeta in Europe that emits about 3000 cubic meters of sulfuric hydrogen daily.
The post-volcanic emanations of gases prove to be natural healing factors for those suffering in cardiovascular problems, having the effect of accelerating peripheral blood circulation.

Balvanyos fortress

The fortress is located at an altitude of 1029 m on the fortress hill, above the Băile Bálványos.
The construction of the fortress dates back to the 1100, with the main role of observing the enemy and signaling danger to the inhabitants of the area, being inhabited until the end of the 17th century. According to legends, it was the last refuge of the pagans in the region.
From the hill of the fortress you have a beautiful panorama.


The mineral water springs and mofettas discovered in this area made possible the establishment of Baile Balvanyos. Due to their chemical composition, these mineral water springs are remarkable in treating various ailments. The waters are recommended for drinking cure for stomach problems, the mofettas are used in treatments for cardiovascular problems.


The mineral water pools at Csiszár Bath have carbonated water, each with a different mineral content. They were used for therapeutic purposes since the 9th century. The 7 pools have different colors, they are arranged in wooden pools in a rustic style, some are ideal even for swimming. These miraculous waters are recommended for rheumatic diseases
and locomotive disorders. The former Jordan spring it is used for
biliary and liver diseases.


The largest and most dangerous of the Puturosu mountain caves due to the lethal level of gas (carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide) which is unmarked by yellow sulfur deposits. As the Sulfurous Cave, it was used as sulfur mine. In the cave, the gas level is high due to the accumulation of conglomerate rocks at the entrance.


A territory with a large number of mineral water baths with gas emissions and also a large number of springs of various compositions. A unique feature of the Apor Baths is the noise that is produced by the sulfuric hydrogen and CO2 gas emissions. Water springs of similar composition can only be found in Colombia and the Java islands.

The Healing Springs comprise six intensely mineralized springs, four of which are set up for foot baths (wooden basins joined by a platform). They are used in traditional therapies (rheumatism, diseases of the peripheral circulatory system and the nervous system, etc.)
The water bubbles due to gaseous emanations of volcanic origin actually are small wet mofettas.


The Mikes Baths contain mineral water, each having a different mineral content and used ever since the 9th century as traditional natural spa. Here you may find a natural system formed by 3 smaller baths arranged in wooden pool.