In order to improve and maintain your health, shape up your muscles, shed some extra weight, increase your aerobic capacity, and for maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle, we invite you to our fitness area and gym at Balvanyos Resort, where you can choose your most suitable fitness programs.


Running through the trees and breathing fresh air puts us in a state of well being. And the soil is a great contact surface for our joints. As such, a “Trail Running” session at the Balvanyos Resort is far more than just a ‘level difference’.


Our mountain adventuring trips, suited for tourists of all ages and skill, allows you to go through some truly amazing natural landscapes that will take your breath away.
Short trips:
Balvanyos Resort – The Sulfurous Cave - 1 hour
Balbanyos Resort – The Apor Daugthers’ Baths - 30 min
Balvanyos Resort – The Healing Springs – 1 hour
Balvanyos Resort – The Mikes Baths – 1 hour
Long trips:
Balvanyos Resort – Balvanyos Fort - 4 hours
Balvanyos Resort – Aurochs Rock - 5 hours
Balvanyos Resort – The Sulfurous Cave – The Murderous Cave – The Tomb of Birds - Buffogo Moor – Balvanyos – The Healing Springs – The Apor Daugthers’ Baths - 8 hours.


You can explore many of nature’s wonders: rare species of plants, fauna, wild animals, history, legendary places and majestic views in the Ciomad-Balvanyos region. You can also explore the relevant touristic tracks in cars (Jeep Wrangler, Nissan Patrol, Mitsubisish Pagero, Suzuki Jimny, etc.), specially equipped for mountain tracks.

Let's watch the bears safely!

Two of ours bear watching hides can be visited on every day of the year, one is located near the Saint Anna Lake and the other at Băile Tușnad.

We carefully choose the perfect location for photography to meet the highest international standards when building hides for bear watching. Bence Mate’s Photography one of the world most famous wildlife photographers, chose the best photography locations from more than one hundred places, based on two years of research. Bence Máté is the only person in the world, who specializes in designing one-way glass hides.

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